A muddy day with Sony and KTM

Yesterday I went to the Helsinki region to photograph motocross. The event was arranged by Sony Finland and KTM Racing.

SVENSKA: Igår åkte jag till Helsingforsregionen för att fotografera motocross. Evenemanget arrangerades av Sony Finland och KTM Racing.

SUOMEKSI: Eilen kävin Helsingin seudulla valokuvaamassa motocrossia. Tapahtuman järjestäjät olivat Sony Finland ja KTM Racing.




Now for the first time in Finland it was possible to test Sony’s new camera α9. An amazing camera for sports photography! All shots on this post are taken with α9 on a muddy track.

SVENSKA: Nu för första gången här i Finland var det möjligt att testa Sonys nya kamera α9. En fantastisk kamera för sportfotografering! Alla foton på detta inlägg har tagits med A9 med en nypa av åska, regn och en stor portion lera.

SUOMEKSI: Nyt ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa oli mahdollista kokeilla Sonyn uutta kameraa α9. Aivan fantastinen kamera urheilun kuvaamista varten! Olisi kiva päästä testaamaan sitä vähän pidemmän aikaa. Kaikki tämän postauksen kuvat ovat otettu α9:lla hyvin mutaisella radalla.







Thanks Sony and KTM Racing for a fantastic day!


2 thoughts on “A muddy day with Sony and KTM

  1. You wanted a response on your website so here it is: your photography skills is spot on. I am envious because I can’t seem to capture angles right, or edit my skills to get it as clear as yours. It’s bright, but not in your face bright. I love the tab menu. It makes easy to transition to your pages; however, I am a little confused about the “Checkout” tab, because I mistaken that as checking out as in shopping from your website. I think maybe a different term. I love that you translated your page into 3 languages making it diversity-friendly. I appreciate your short posts but with excellent pictures to capture your users what your main focus is about. Lastly, your links works but I can’t seem to tell if they are links until I hover over them. It blends in with the writing. I think changing it to another color would make it helpful for users to identify it to a link leading to a new website. I wish my website was as good as yours. Hope that helps!

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